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SW-Single Wall / One way version

Febbraio 16, 2021

          GMP Slovakia range of products includes lightweight reels for transport (one way). This model of reel has 12 ribs, with thickness of material from 2 mm to 4mm. The reel is used to ship the material from customer’s plant to the final user of the winded wire, and it is…

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HD-Heavy Duty

Ottobre 26, 2020

              The reel model HD-Heavy Duty is used for steel wire drawing process. This model of reel has double reinforced flange and machined barrel, also reinforced. It can load very thin steel wire and it is mainly used for welding wire.                            …

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TU/M-Tilting Unit Mechanical

Agosto 5, 2020

                The tilting device model TU/M-Tilting Unit Mechanical can be used to tilt 90° reels, take apart reels and coils. It can be manufactured in different dimensions, and for different capacity, according the the items customer needs to tilt. The equipment is supplied with safety barriers, with control…

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SW-Single Wall

Aprile 16, 2020

              The reel model SW-Single Wall can be used for two main purposes: for process and for shipment. Model for process is usually used for steel wire (drawing) or for copper and aluminium wire (buncher). Thickness of the material is from 5mm to 8mm. It can be supplied with…

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GMP Reels India new plant.

Dicembre 20, 2019

                GMP Reels India is glad to announce the moving to a bigger new plant in Nashik. The new plant has a covered industrial area of around 3.000 sqm, and it is equipped with traditional art machineries as lathes and welding machines two presses 150 Ton and 300…

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Take Apart Reel with sectors

Ottobre 10, 2019

                The take apart reels for coil’s production is available in different flange diameters and dimensions and could have many optionals. One of this optionals, are the sectors on the barrel or on the flange (or both). In this way customer can produce coils of different heights to…

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ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management Systems

Giugno 12, 2017

                      GMP Slovakia is proud to announce that they are now certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management Systems. This certification confirms GMP Slovakia’s commitment to minimize environmental impact in our day to day operations. GMP is already certified ISO 9001:2008 standard for…

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