Take Apart Reels and Handling Equipment

GMP Slovakia range of products includes any kind of take apart reels for coil’s production and all the necessary equipments to handle reels and coils. All take apart reels and handling equipments are available in DIN standard or customized dimensions and are supplied with all documentation requested by European community (CE mark).

  • Take apart Steel reels
  • Reels for coils’ production
  • Easykoil
  • Single Central Screw reels
  • Hydraulic reels
  • Pneumatic reels
  • Take apart reels with bronze collar
  • Reels with cardboard tube
  • Tilting table
  • Lifters
  • Tilters
  • Lifting beams
  • Lifting devices
  • Tilting devices
  • Dolly base
  • Skid rolls
  • Platforms